Too many Connecticut residents are suffering. We need Governor Lamont to step up and take action.

Governor Lamont needs to negotiate an equitable budget that invests in our communities. Low- and middle-income families have waited long enough. Send a message to Governor Lamont today and urge him to put fairness first.

We need a Recovery for All.

Governor Lamont says he’s committed to equity. Equity requires revenue.

Send a message to let Governor Lamont know that you support essential workers, communities of color, struggling families, and all of the many others who are hurting today.

Who We Are

Recovery for All is a statewide coalition of labor, community, and faith organizations representing hundreds of thousands of people—black, brown, and white. We stand united in a long-term mission to eliminate systemic inequalities and rebuild a better Connecticut.

What We’re Fighting For 

We demand dramatic investment in the programs and services our communities desperately need to survive and flourish. To fund our future, we must repair Connecticut’s broken tax structure and the first step is to pass an equitable budget. Governor Lamont must provide immediate relief to struggling working families through increased revenue.

How We Will Win 

We have a chance to take a big step toward eliminating systemic inequalities in Connecticut. But the only way we will make progress is by uniting hundreds of thousands of people across Connecticut and taking action together.

Join our movement!

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Right now, hundreds of thousands of people across Connecticut are hurting. The global pandemic, the economic crash, the enduring injustices of structural racism -- all of these crises are coming together and producing enormous pain.

Recovery for All Connecticut

March 2021